Accelerating cultural awareness and economic empowerment worldwide.
Second World celebrates
deep cultural understanding
and economic empowerment
through education
and global citizenship
Enter a world of possibilities.


We of the Second World aim to bring empowerment to life by documenting the world's most change-making innovators.

Step into the shoes of your fellow global neighbors and become enlightened by far reaching solutions catalyzed by technology and born from a deep cultural understanding.

Welcome to Second World, the place where we celebrate the possibilities! There are three parts to our mission:

  • We arm nonprofits worldwide with cutting edge technologies to better tell their stories.
  • We are dedicated to nurturing cultural enrichment in our classrooms, enlightening the young and old with the unique beauty as well as common dreams we share.
  • We deploy a force of empowerment keepers and inspiration gatherers worldwide as the next generation of global citizens. Award winning journalists and new adventurers alike uncover what is right about our world, shining a light on sustainable solutions.

Accelerating cultural awareness and economic empowerment worldwide.

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Ben Moon

Second World Reporter

As an avid musician and “fine arts” major at Tulane University, Ben Moon immersed himself in the diverse artistic culture of New Orleans. Even at this early stage, he became fascinated by the ways in which his love of creating both sonic and visual elements could be combined to create a heightened emotional effect. After graduating and returning to New York, Moon’s work has been featured in a string of successful exhibitions throughout the world, including New York, London, New Orleans, Beijing, as well as several appearances at Miami’s prestigious Art Basel.

Stephanie Schorow

Second World Reporter

Stephanie Schorow has had a long career as a writer, reporter, editor and author. Currently she is an assistant professor of professional writing at Regis College, who continues to write, lecture and consult for a variety of media. Graduating from Northwestern University, she has worked for newspapers in Illinois, Missouri, Utah and Massachusetts before moving to Boston to work as a newswoman for the Associated Press, the Boston Herald and she has taught freelance writing and feature writing at Emerson College and Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

Valerie K. Parker


Valerie Parker is passionate about getting the tools of storytelling into the hands of all people worldwide. She has traveled the globe documenting humanitarian projects, art and culture, and sustainable development including Jamaica, Peru, Nepal, India and Egypt. She looks forward to fusing her discoveries found in Singapore and honed at the MIT Media Lab with the mission of bringing innovation to the developing world, as well as our communities throughout the United States.


Become a Second World Reporter

Second World is currently combing the planet for the most passionate storytellers, photojournalists and technologists to join our team to arm the world with immersive storytelling tools to honor our global culture.

To be considered, please apply here.




“Aimed at stopping the exploitation in today’s global economy, Second World Foundation uses sustainable and artistic methods to connect both people and resources.”

Boston Globe

“I saw with my own eyes the destruction created by the current model of the global economy and I was driven to do something about it, using art as the catalyst.”

Valerie Parker, Founder

“After the tsunami hit, initially there was an outpouring of support for the basics — soap, oil and blankets. SWF comes in to help them sustain a living.”

Lowell Sun

”The barriers that have created separate worlds among one humanity were created by men,” is the philosophy. ” ‘First World’, ‘Third World,’ Forget what you were told. Enter the Second World.” In what sounds like a movie tagline is actually an art organization hoping to bring people together through cross-cultural media, music and art initiatives.

Boston Globe

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